WATCH: Trevor Noah Gives Hilarious Reason why Melania Can’t Dump Trump

Melania Trump has not had the most entertaining time in politics. She was mocked during the 2016 Republican National Convention after it was shown that much of her speech was cribbed from a old speech given by Barack Obama. Her charitable endeavor, Be Best, was lampooned on account of her husband’s propensity to bully people online.

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

And the First Lady had to sit back and watch her husband basically admit to paying off a porn star he had an affair with. After all that controversy, why would she stay with her husband? The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah came up with a hilarious reason during Monday night’s show.

Noah was opining on the recent New York Times report that showed Trump with hundreds of millions of dollars in loans coming due. He began, “Trump doesn’t actually want to be president. He just really needs that Secret Service protection. Sh*t, if I had $400 million in loans coming due, I’d also be trying to cancel the election.”

The comic then moved on to the First Lady. Wondering why Melania Trump has yet to leave the president, Noah cracked, “If she divorces him, she gets half of the $400 million in debt.”

Watch the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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