WATCH: Trevor Noah Chides Sean Spicer After he Pleads for Dancing With the Stars Votes from Conseratives

Following his departure from the White House Press Secretary position, Sean Spicer has been eager to stay in the public eye. Spicer first made a poorly received appearance at the 2017 Emmys, then went on the talk show circuit to plug his book, The Briefing.

David Livingston/Getty Images

Over the last two months, Spicer has been competing on the ABC show, Dancing With the Stars. The former press secretary often asks for conservative watching at home to vote for him. On Monday night, Comedy Central host Trevor Noah mocked Spicer for these requests, saying he is committing election fraud.

Spicer who regularly gets the lowest scores on the show, even went to Breitbart to asks for votes. He told the website, “People want to see me advance not because of me in particular. There’s a lot of folks on the left that don’t believe that people on the right have a place in — in their, what they consider society.”

During the tongue in cheek segment, Noah said, “Those judges are right about Spicer. Not only was he bad at lying to the press. It turns out his hips also can’t lie for sh*t. So, once it became clear he wasn’t going to win over the judges, Sean Spicer decided screw the whole nonpolitical Kumbaya crap, and he started going on the far-right website Breitbart to turn this dance competition into a full-on civil war.”

The host continued, “And Spicer hasn’t only lasted this long on the show by turning this into a culture war. He’s also basically resorted to election fraud.”

You can watch a Noah’s segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:



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