WATCH: Tom Friedman Says if Biden Wins Texas, He Ends the Cult of Trump

Texas has experienced rapidly changing demographics. And those changes very much benefit the Democrats. But the state was not supposed to be competitive this year. According to polling and massive amounts of early voting it is now looking like a toss-up.

Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

That is not good news for Donald Trump or the Republican party. If Texas were to turn blue, it would eliminate any path to victory for the incumbent president. Not only that, says Tom Friedman, it would also break the “cult of Trump.”

The New York Times columnist made the comments during a Friday night appearance on Anderson Cooper’s show. He told the CNN host, “Anderson, if you were my genie and you said ‘Tom, you get one wish, what would it be that would be the greatest thing for America?’ The greatest thing for America would be is if Joe Biden win Texas,” Friedman said. “It would break this fever in the Republican Party. It would blow that party up.”

Friedman continued, “The Trumpers, Donald Jr. and Donald Sr. and the whole clown car could go on Fox and do their thing and start their own network, whatever they want. It’ll force the reckoning, if they lose Texas. That would be such a shock to the system that it would be the same kind of shock that two wins that Obama gave them that they were supposed to force a reckoning.’

You can watch the entire interview with Friedman below, courtesy of CNN:

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