[WATCH] Tom Fitton Attacks The ‘Medical Media Establishment’

The president of Judicial Watch, a right-wing communication group, Tom Fitton is well-known for his belief in the “deep state” and that the coronavirus pandemic is being weaponized against President Trump attacked a new foe during a recent video presentation. Fitton decreed that the coronavirus pandemic is “over as a crisis” and that a  “crazed anti-Trump media medical establishment” is working against Trump and his advice on treatments for the disease.

The video was fined on July 10 but was not posted to YouTube until Monday, and in it Fitton acknowledges that more people are contracted the disease but played up the lowering of the death toll. Fitton did not explain any of the many factors that go into the death rate. instead, he used the vague information to push the idea that the crisis was over. He did not mention the number of deaths in the U.S which reached 135,000 on Tuesday.

Fitton said, “The cases are going up, but the deaths are going down. You know what that tells me? It tells me the coronavirus is over as a crisis. I think it​’s long been over. … There should have never been lockdowns.” Fitton then claimed that everyone will eventually get the virus and believed that the best course of action is to push drugs like hydroxychloroquine as a preventative solution. What many point out is that the drug has been disapproved for use by medical professionals despite President Trump pushing the drug.

Fitton continued, “But you’ve got this crazed anti-Trump media medical establishment that tries to downplay any successful preventative measures or treatments—medical treatments—for coronavirus. They’re all hyped on, quote, ‘cases’ and in the meantime, our country is being destroyed.” Fitton then turned his attention to AG Bill Barr as he accused him of lacking in protecting businesses from restrictions caused by the virus. He said, “The states don’t have the right to suppress your rights the way they’ve been doing during the lockdowns, and the courts are afraid to say no to them, more or less. Now and again you get a good decision. Bill Barr threatened to do all sorts of things from the Justice Department in terms of protecting the rights of businesses and commerce and all of that. That hasn’t happened.”

Fitton concluded by accusing Trump’s opponents of using the virus to push the President out of office and said that they were willing to destroy the economy to accomplish that. He said, “Everything right now about the coronavirus is political. It’s all about getting Trump. It’s about the election. If you think it’s science, I guess you can think that, but science has little if anything to do with it. They’re happy to destroy the economy. They’re happy to make your children miserable. They’re happy to damage your children if it means getting Trump.”

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