WATCH: Tim Scott Says The View is Hogwash But He's Going on the Show Anyway

Tim Scott is very popular amongst his Republican lawmaker colleagues. Many of them see him as a positive alternative to the chaos of Donald Trump. The issue is that he may not be that popular among voters. Scott is currently polling at around 2% nationally. 

In order to make that number go up, Scott is going to need to pick a fight with Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. It has yet too be seen if he's willing to do so. One thing is clear, though, Scott is willing to pick a fight with the ladies of The View. 

During a weekend appearance in Iowa, the South Carolina told the assembled crowd, "My socks said hogwash on them. When I think about hogwash, it just makes me think about The View. Anybody watch The View on TV?" After the crowd started booing, he followed, "Good, good. I am in the right place."

Scott then announced, "I’m going on The View on Monday. Because I think it’s time for a conservative with a backbone to look those ladies in the eyes and say, you do not have to be an exception to succeed in America. You can be the rule and succeed in America."

Since he is going on a show that few Conservatives watch, it might be smart for the lawmaker to attempt to appeal to independent voters. It does not seem that this is his goal for his television spot, however.