WATCH: Tim Miller Calls out Kari Lake For Keeping Up With Election Lie

Like Donald Trump, Kari Lake wanted to be a high-level politician despite no experience. The Republican candidate for Arizona Governor had been a television for several years. Again like Trump, she was a Democrat for much of that time. 

Lake saw an opening in the MAGA world and tried to step right through. Arizona didn't take to her and she lost her race for Governor to Katie Hobbs. And again like Trump, Lake has refused to accept the election results. She has spent the last 2 years failing in court. 

Tim Miller, the Conservative writer from The Bulwark, attempted to interview the former gubernatorial candidate for Showtime's The Circus. Miller asked, "You say you care about the financial crisis and…" Lake cut him off, saying, "I care deeply."

The journalist countered, "So if you care so deeply about this, couldn’t you actually do something about it if you stopped the bullsh*t about the last election? If you had just acknowledged that Trump had lost it, and acknowledged that you’d lost, you probably might be probably be in good shape to do something."

 You probably would have won your governor’s race had you talked about things people cared about instead of the election fraud," Miller continued. "So sometimes, don’t you ever think to yourself ‘I wish I could just stop talking about this fake thing that Donald Trump made me make up that I could actually talk about the stuff that’s important?’"

Watch a clip of the interview below, courtesy of Showtime: