WATCH: Tiffany Trump Appears Drunk as She Gives Speech to Gay Trump Supporters

Donald Trump is very, very into nepotism. All of his children and all of his children’s spouses are given some kind of job by him. Even Eric Trump’s wife, Lara, regularly appears on cable news acting as a surrogate to the Trump campaign.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The president’s daughter, Tiffany, has been seen much less often then his children and their spouses. But she came into the political fold with a speech during the Republican National Convention. And she now seems focused on outreach to gay Trump supporters. A video of Tiffany speaking to Trump Pride supporters surfaced last night. And in the video, Trump seems very intoxicated.

A clip emerged of Tiffany Trump taking the stage an slurring, “I know my father believes in, prior to politics, he supported gays and lesbians, the LGBQIA PLUS!!!”

The president’s daughter also claims, “My father has always supported all of you. He’s not doing it, he’s never done it for politics. And he’s not doing it for politics. And unfortunately, I think there’s a lot of people out there and other politicians that do.”

Donald Trump is wildly unpopular with gay voters. A recent survey conducted by YouGov found that 65% of gay Americans feel that Trump doesn’t care about their needs.

Still the campaign is attempting to court these voters. The website for Trump Pride reads, “President Donald J. Trump is the only President to openly support the LGBT community since his first day in office. Through his bold plan to end the HIV epidemic to his global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in the 69 nations where it is illegal, President Trump has proven himself to be a strong advocate for the LGBT community both at home and abroad.”


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