[WATCH] ‘They’ll blame that on us!’ White Woman Agitator Gets Confronted By Black Woman

Ever since the death of George Floyd from a knee to the neck by a white police officer protests have raged across the country. Rioting has also been occurring in many cities. Properties have been ransacked and destroyed. The question has been who is causing the destruction? Videos of white people vandalizing property and being confronted by black people have been going viral.

Groups like Black Lives Matter have been shouldering a lot of the blame for the destruction while white people looting is being ignored. Black protestors have been confronting white vandals and telling them to stop. One such video shows a black woman chastising two nonblack women who are spraying BLM on a storefront. The incident happened at a farmer’s market in Los Angeles.

The black woman can be heard saying, “This is not a black woman who’s putting Black Lives Matter.” She then says to the vandals,  “Y’all doing that for us and we didn’t ask you to do that. Listen — don’t spray stuff out here when they’re gonna blame black people for this and black people didn’t do it.” She went on to say, “They gonna blame that on us! Y’all are part of the problem!”

One of the two vandals tried to chastise the black woman saying, “Don’t police people’s way of expressing themselves.” The two vandals are dressed in black and one is wearing a pink backpack.  After the confrontation, the two vandals walk away.

It is believed that many individuals have infiltrated peaceful protests, in order to, hijack the movement. White supremacist groups are suspected, as well as, Mexican drug cartels.



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