WATCH: The View Hosts Discuss Lauren Boebert Being Embarrassed by Marjorie Taylor Greene

The GOP has been in control of the House of Representatives for more than a year now, but there haven't done much more than fight between themselves. At this point, several GOP Reps. are more interested in grandstanding at Donald Trump's trial than actually doing something to help the American people. 

With so many Republicans in the public eye, Marjorie Taylor Greene was seemingly getting upset not being the center of attention. So last night, she made an absolute spectacle of herself during  last nights House Oversight Committee meeting. The View hosts attacked the Georgia congresswoman on Friday. 

In one of the many viral moments of last night, Greene said that Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett had fake eyelashes. This led to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to demand an apology from the lawmaker. Sunny Hostin said of the moment: 

"When a girl from the Bronx says don't play, that's what that was about. It shows just the utter, dysfunction of this Congress and the waste of our taxpayer dollars. I mean, I've just never seen anything like it. You see people like a Marjorie Taylor Greene who is just unfit for office. She's unfit. She lacks the decorum."

Host Sara Haines then jumped in, "We've reached a new level when Lauren Boebert is embarrassed."

Watch a clip of the segment below: