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WATCH: “The U.S. Was Born Out Of Disobedience; Patriots Disobey,” Says Legislator Who Got Caught

WATCH: “The U.S. Was Born Out Of Disobedience; Patriots Disobey,” Says Legislator Who Got Caught

There are times to stand up to tyranny, to live by one’s own moral compass even if that comes with consequences, and to challenge the law and press for governmental change — that’s why the Founding Fathers made the U.S. Constitution a living document that could be amended over the years to come.

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Still, talk of disobedience for reasons of patriotism and opposition to tyranny falls a little flat when it’s coming from the mouth of a man who is facing a series of legal issues of his own, that don’t seem to relate to any particular moral stance.

Madison Cawthorn has been making the news for accusations of lawbreaking, ranging from driving with a revoked license, to getting caught with a loaded firearm at an airport, to the latest reports that he’s being investigated for allegedly using his office to enrich himself through insider trading, as Salon recently reported.

Now, here he is, talking about America’s great history with disobedience, and the patriotic need to disobey the law.

He’s focusing on mask mandates and vaccine mandates imposed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, calling those who resist the public health measures “heroes,” and his speech is about halting vaccine mandates, though COVID-19 is only one of the vaccines that health professionals, military members, and some others may be required to receive as a part of their employment responsibility.

Still, Cawthorn’s own very public behavior indicates that his bids for “personal freedom” and his support of “disobedience” aren’t really limited to opposing public health measures, but are more about “freedom” from accountability.

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