[WATCH] The School Voucher Lobby Just Became Victorious With the Help of SCOTUS

The Supreme Court may have handed the school voucher lobby a big victory with its Montana decision. The court ruled that money donated to religious schools cannot be discounted from a small tax credit program. Many believe that the decision could have consequences that reach other states. The ruling came about in the  Espinoza v. Montana Department of Revenue case on June 30 of this year. It is one of many cases that is altering what is considered religious discrimination under the U.S. Constitution. The recent ruling will make it tougher to keep religious schools from getting government.

Many would point out that this ruling may have the opposite effect of preventing religious discrimination, and instead, may open the flood gates to discrimination against religious minorities atheists. This also calls into question of government’s role in religion. The establishment clause in the U.S. Constitution does not allow the government to favor one religion over others, but many find it hard to believe that this would not happen with the results of this type of ruling. Many would say that this ruling violates the establishment clause but the Supreme Court obviously did not consider it a violation.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos among others seemed to be overjoyed at the decision as it handed them another win. Devos has long voiced her support for school voucher programs. what remains to be seen is the overall impact of such a decision. If the court remains consistent then we can expect to see this type of ruling in other cases about this very topic.

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