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WATCH: The Morning Joe Crew Mocks Russia’s Rag-Tag Ukraine Operation

WATCH: The Morning Joe Crew Mocks Russia’s Rag-Tag Ukraine Operation

People over the age of 40 think of Russia as a formidable military opponent. The operation in Ukraine, though, has shown that Putin’s army isn’t quite as devastating as it has been portrayed. During Tuesday’s Morning Joe, the host, and Clint Watts discussed Russia’s current invasion into Ukraine with Scarborough referring to it as a rag-tag operation.

[Photo by Sergei GuneyevTASS via Getty Images]
Scarborough asked, “Clint, even now we are talking about the Ukrainian’s outlook and how long they can hold out. How long will the Russian army hold out in Kyiv and across Ukraine? This is a ragtag operation. They had been sitting on the border for a month, month and a half. How long can the Russians stick it out in Ukraine?”

The military expert responded, “If I had to guess based on logistics and what is going on, four to six weeks is what they would be able to do in terms of logistics. they’re pushing a lot of combat power, particularly here in the north.”

Watts continued:

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“I think the biggest trigger we should look for is when they need more force at home to deal with protesters — there’s reports they sent a lot of shock troops from Moscow and other places here to do crowd control. But also if they come up with conscription, if you see the Russian government call for conscription, mostly the lower class is what ends up participating in the Russian army. If it starts trickling into the middle class you will have a very dynamic situation in Russia.”

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