[WATCH] The Lincoln Project Takes Aim At GOP Contributors in New Ad: “Wayne Berman”

This week, as the bipartisan January 6 investigatory committee is gavelled into session, The Lincoln Project released a new ad targeting wealthy contributors to the GOP members of congress who incited, and subsequently sought to cover up, the attacks of January 6. The ad, targeting Blackstone CEO Stephen Schwarzman, is the first in a series of commercials naming the deep-pocketed contributors who continue to pour cash into the campaign coffers of seditionists.

“Wayne Berman,” the 60-second ad named for Schwarzman’s chief lobbyist, will air on July 27 and 28 in the Washington, D.C. and New York, N.Y. media markets on Fox News and Fox Business.

“Stephen Schwarzman, who gave $40 million to Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, and the GOP machine, shares in the blame for the attacks of January 6,” said Lincoln Project co-founder Rick Wilson. “He and his pals continue to write hefty checks to GOP politicians who incited the violence on January 6, perpetuate The Big Lie, and are trying to cover up the attacks. Every Republican donor should consider this new ad to be formal notice from The Lincoln Project: It is your right to give money to whoever you like, and it is our right to tell Americans who and what you’re funding.”

The full ad can be viewed here:

The Lincoln Project is a group of dedicated Americans who worked to defeat Donald J. Trump and continue to fight on behalf of American democracy.

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