WATCH: The Lincoln Project Savages Trump Stooge Susan Collins in New Video

One thing that many Democrats and Republicans can agree on is that they have a dislike for Susan Collins. The Maine senator has drawn the ire of Republicans for voting against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. She angered Democrats by voting to confirm the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh.

Photo by Toni L. Sandys-Pool/Getty Images

Collins will be facing a very tough reelection bid in 2020. Some polls have shown her opponent, Sara Gideon, to have good-sized lead. The Lincoln Project is hoping to ensure she loses this November. The group just released their latest video that savages the Maine lawmaker.

The spot begins, “Susan Collins never stands up to Donald Trump.That’s why Maine is done with her weakness and excuses. Collins isn’t an independent. She’s a fraud. Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump control her voice. She makes excuses for corruption, for criminality, for cruelty, all while pretending she’s worried.”

After voting to acquit Trump during his February 2020 impeachment trial, Collins said:

“The president has been impeached. That’s a pretty big lesson. He was impeached. And there has been criticism by both Republican and Democratic senators of his call. I believe that he will be much more cautious in the future.”

Watch the new ad from the Lincoln Project below:


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