WATCH: The Dumpster Fire Continues as Taylor Greene Breaks Out Racist ‘Mexican Accent’ at Campaign Event

The Republican party has a massive Marjorie Taylor Greene problem and they seemingly have no idea what to do about it.

Marjorie Taylor Greene anti-Semitic comments catch attention of American Jewish Congress
[Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images]
Since she was elected in November of 2020, the Georgia congresswoman has focused on offending anyone and everyone. Thanks to previous comments, she was barred from committee assignments.

But following that embarrassment, the Republican refused to tone down her rhetoric. Instead, she’s quadrupled down on comparing mask wearing to the Holocaust. And just the other day, she retweeted a message referring to party leader Kevin McCarthy a “feckless c*nt.”

And the Georgia lawmaker isn’t done yet. She’s been hitting the road with fellow albatross Matt Gaetz. During a Thursday night event, Greene broke out a racist Mexican accent.

Greene said of Democrats last night, “They’re in business of helping the cartels. The cartels love the Democrats. Yeah, they’re down there, they’re like this, ‘We’re making a lot of money off of Biden, Joe Biden.’ That’s my really bad Mexican accent.”

Twitter user Jeff Leon may have had the best reaction to the offensive impression. He responded to the video, “That may be the single most offensive (and incoherent) 30 seconds I have ever heard come out of the mouth of a federally elected official. The “Mexican accent” imitation should be played ad nauseum on Hispanic radio/tv. She should be the death knell of GOP Hispanic outreach.”

Watch below:

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