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WATCH: The Daily Show Explains How Ted Cruz Became Relatable For The First Time Ever

WATCH: The Daily Show Explains How Ted Cruz Became Relatable For The First Time Ever

Ted Cruz attacks military

During Joe Biden’s Wednesday night speech, Ted Cruz finally did something that normal humans also do and Trevor Noah had an interesting take on it.

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Ted Cruz is a hard person to like. Obviously no one on the Liberal side of the aisle enjoys his company, but there are Republicans that intensely dislike him as well. Former GOP leader John Boehner famously called him a miserable son of a b*tch.

As Biden spoke a few nights back, Cruz could be seen in the audience nodding off. The moment quickly went viral and was all over the internet. Trevor Noah, though, mockingly defended the senator.

“Ted Cruz was so bored at that speech, he fell asleep,” the host explained. “And I know what you’re thinking right now, you think I’m going to say something like ‘Oh that’s weird, I thought lizards slept with their eyes open,’ but I’m not going to say that. Because honestly, that was the most relatable thing that Ted Cruz has ever done. Because that speech was boring.”

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Noah also remarked how delighted he is that politics is boring again after 4 years of Trump. He even suggested doing away with presidential speeches altogether. “Just print it out (the speech), let the people read it,” he said. “I mean, when did we decide that you can only judge a policy proposal based on how entertaining the performance of it is?”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Comedy Central:

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