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WATCH: Texas Lt. Gov Admits That Once State Turns Blue, It’s Over For Republicans

WATCH: Texas Lt. Gov Admits That Once State Turns Blue, It’s Over For Republicans

New York and California, two states with huge amounts of electoral votes, are reliably blue. Republicans have long been able to check Democrats advantage on the coasts by winning in Texas, which has 38 electoral votes. But the left is rapidly making the state more competitive.

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If Democrats were able to start winning in Texas, it would be nearly impossible for Republicans to win national elections. Lt. Governor Dan Patrick essentially admitted that fact yesterday, promising that he won’t let the state fall.

Patrick told CPAC attendees, “In Texas, we are the last man standing. There are a lot of conservative and red states around the country, but if we fall, America falls. The electoral votes of New York, California, and New York [sic] combined together means we could never elect a conservative Republican to the White House ever again. I can tell you that as the lieutenant governor of this great state that I’m blessed and honored to serve, we’re not ever going to let that happen.”

Of course, Patrick doesn’t plan on winning Texas by creating policies that appeal to a larger number of voters. He plans on winning the state by making it much harder for people to vote. Texas recently passed a bill that would ban 24 hour voting, make voting by mail much harder and increasing the power of poll watchers in an attempt to intimidate voters.

Watch a clip of the comments below

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