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WATCH: Texas Governor Wants SCOTUS To Overturn Right To Public Education Next

WATCH: Texas Governor Wants SCOTUS To Overturn Right To Public Education Next

Now that SCOTUS has shifted significantly right of the general population, extremists are getting in line to utilize that power to change long-standing precedent in ways that will impact the United States for generations to come. With the assault on medical privacy well underway, free public education is next on the hit list for one Republican.

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A leaked document revealed that SCOTUS may be planning to overturn Roe v. Wade. Republicans are already getting excited about all the other longstanding precedents they hope the court will help them attack next. Governor Greg Abbott, for instance, wants to go after another ruling from the 70s — Plyler v. Doe, which established that every child in the United States has the right to a free public education, regardless of their parents’ legal status.

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“Texas already, long ago, sued the Federal government about having to incur the cost of the educational program, a case called Plyler vs. Doe, and the Supreme Court ruled against us on the issue of denying — or let’s say, Texas having to bear that burden. I think we will resurrect that case, and challenge this issue again, because the expenses are extraordinary, ad the times are different than when Plyler vs Doe was issued many decades ago.”

When the case was ruled, even the dissenting Justices only argued that it was a matter for legislature, not the judiciary, but agreed with the premise that “it would be folly—and wrong—to tolerate creation of a segment of society made up of illiterate persons.”

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