WATCH: Texas Congressman Tells MSNBC Postal Crisis is “Fake”

All eyes have been on Postmaster General Louis DeJoy over the last couple of weeks. The Trump mega-donor was placed in his position earlier this year. It did not take long for him to dismantle sorting machines and change the way the mail is delivered.

Photo by Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

There were both recent congressional and senatorial hearings where the Posmaster General was asked about his decisions. While the evidence is clear, DeJoy denied any wrong doing. Kevin Brady, a congressman from Texas, is taking DeJoy at his word. The lawmaker told MSNBC on Wednesday that the postal controversy is fake.

Brady made the comments while speaking with Stephanie Rhule. He told the host, “You know, I was really disappointed that our small businesses, our unemployed workers were just ignored for Congress to rush back for a fake Post Office crisis that didn’t exist.”

The host cut the congressman off, saying, “Excuse me, Congressman … a fake postal crisis? We see images from postal facilities in the state of Texas that are in crisis. Would you say it’s made up to veterans who aren’t getting their prescriptions on time? Do you think it’s made up?”

“I do, absolutely,” replied Brady. “As far as the Post Office is working, as they’ve made it clear, they can easily handle the mail-in balloting process. They have $14 billion in the bank, solvent through next year. They are going through a bipartisan reorganization that, by the way, has some glitches and needs to be addressed. But, yeah, I find it offensive that our small businesses and unemployed workers basically have been ignored by Speaker Pelosi while we go rushing back to Washington for the Post Office.”

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