[WATCH] Testimony From Fired U.S. Attorney Causes Dems To Speculate That Barr Broke Law

Ousted U.S Attorney, Geoffrey Berman, testified on Thursday that he was pressured by Attorney General Bill Barr to leave his position and now Democrats are concerned that a law may have been broken. It came to light that Barr. Berman informed the House Judiciary Committee of what went on in a letter where he explained a meeting he had with Barr inside a New York hotel on June 18.

Berman said that Barr kept trying to convince him to resign and take up a different position within the government. Barr even offered Bearman a position as the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Berman refused these suggestions and would be removed from his position the following day.

POLITICO was able to read Bearman’s opening statement to the committee. He said, “I said that there was no job offer that would entice me to resign from my position.” The chairman of the committee, Jerry Nadler, starting thinking that it was possible that Barr offering Berman a different position could be criminal. Nadler had this to say after talking with Berman, “What we don’t know yet is if the attorney general’s conduct is criminal. But that kind of quid pro quo is awfully close to bribery.”

Nadler also revealed that Berman did not unveil any ongoing cases he was heading but did say that his firing will result in “delay and disruption” in the work of his office. Berman said to the committee that Barr had falsely announced that he had resigned on June 18 and Berman rebuffed the claim which led to President Trump ordering his firing the next day and his deputy replacing him.

Berman’s testimony has raised alarm bells for the Democrats as it could imply that President Trump is looking to manipulate an office that may be investigating him and close allies. You can read the rest of the report here.

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