WATCH: Terrified Tucker Carlson Says Gov’t is Spying on Him So They Can Take His Show off the Air

Tucker Carlson has always been one of the most bombastic personalities on Fox News. Since Trump lost the election, though, he’s become even more conspiracy minded. The host regularly tells viewers that white supremacy doesn’t exist and the world is out to get them.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

During his Monday night broadcast, Carlson laid out a new conspiracy theory. The government, the Fox News host says, is spying on him in an effort to take his show off the air.

Carlson told viewers that a government whistleblower told him the NSA is, “monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air. Now, that’s a shocking claim, and ordinarily we’d be skeptical of it.”

The host continued, “The whistleblower, who is in a position to know, repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on that could have only come directly from my texts and emails. There’s no other possible source for that information, period.”

As usual, Carlson made his statements without any kind of proof. Lawyer Bradley Moss shared a video of the segment, writing, “Tucker is making serious accusations with no proof and is basing corroboration on a story he allegedly is working on that none of us know about. Maybe his comms were picked up. We know DOJ collected comms of journos during Obama and Trump presidencies.”

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