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WATCH: Ted Nugent Is Really Upset That Performers Are Dumping The NRA

WATCH: Ted Nugent Is Really Upset That Performers Are Dumping The NRA

Ask any conservative what the greatest thing about America is, and they’ll probably say, “Freedom!” Somehow, though, this value seems to be forgotten when they’re talking about someone else doing something they don’t agree with — especially if it’s a decision they think of as too ‘liberal.’

MUSKEGON, MI – OCTOBER 17: Ted Nugent performs at a campaign event for Donald Trump on October 17, 2020 in Muskegon, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Well, the NRA is holding a convention in Houston, and Ted Nugent, along with others including Donald Trump, has made the decision to be a part of it, even as the state mourns the young lives lost in the latest school shooting. Other performers have made a different decision, and Nugent is not okay with that.

Performers who canceled their appearances at the event include Larry Gatlin, Don Mclean, and Lee Greenwood, with various statements about showing respect for the children who were murdered and their families, and about wanting the NRA to rethink some of its stances on gun control measures.

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“What is wrong with you? Why would you abandon a performance at a civil rights organization because of a crime? What do the good families of the National Rifle Association, what do the tens of millions, hundreds of millions of good law-abiding gun-owning families of America, what do they have to do with some evil punk shooting children? I’ll tell you what wehave to do with them! Nothing! We stand against evil!…But Lee Greenwood and Don McLean have abandoned a civil rights organization that stands up for the sanctity of life, and defending life, for what reason?”

Nugent has made himself a very publicly controversial political figure over the course of recent administrations, even setting up an empty chair on stage once to ‘debate’ with then-president Barack Obama (who was not present).

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