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WATCH: Ted Nugent Declares Himself “Rosa Parks With A Glock”

WATCH: Ted Nugent Declares Himself “Rosa Parks With A Glock”

One thing that has become really clear over the last couple of years as the far-right has fought against public health provisions, such as wearing a mask during the height of a pandemic, is that they think they’re super-patriots, freedom fighters standing up for everyone’s liberty.

MUSKEGON, MI – OCTOBER 17: Ted Nugent performs at a campaign event for Donald Trump on October 17, 2020 in Muskegon, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

However, Ted Nugent, unsurprisingly, takes this view above and beyond, declaring himself not just to be one individual standing up for what he sees as a human right, but as an absolute leader and hero of a new Civil Rights movement — a “Rosa Parks with a Glock,” in his words.

Nugent is hawking some new merch — including autographed “come and take it” flags ($50) and “I will not comply” hats ($40) — and he’s very proud of the sentiment.

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“What a beautiful statement! I will not comply! I’m like Rosa Parks with a Glock! You tell me something stupid, you try to give me a stupid immoral nonsensical arbitrary capricious putative mandate mask puke, and will not comply!”

In addition to the items Nugent is advertising in his Real America’s Voice segment, he’s also pushing an autographed photo of himself with Donald Trump ($30), and a hat that reads, “Re-elect that motherf***er” (uncensored, of course).

[Screenshot via Ted Nugent]

Nugent has made himself a caricature of a far-right Trump supporter, having fits about other performers choosing not to support the NRA, and even appearing to promote political violence against Democrats while appearing at a Trump rally.

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