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WATCH: Ted Cuz Brutally Mocked in SNL’s Opening Skit

WATCH: Ted Cuz Brutally Mocked in SNL’s Opening Skit

Last week, a whistleblower named Frances Haugen appeared on 60 Minutes. The former Facebook employee explained how the company prioritized profits over proper website monitoring.

MISSION, TEXAS – MARCH 26: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks to the media after a tour of part of the Rio Grande river on a Texas Department of Public Safety boat on March 26, 2021 in Mission, Texas. The senator is part of a Senate delegation visiting the Texas-Mexican border. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

This week, Haugen appeared on Capitol Hill to answer questions from lawmakers. Saturday Night Live lampooned the hearing taking an especially harsh shot at Ted Cruz.

Cruz, played by Aidy Bryant, asked, “Yes, I was particularly drawn to your testimony about bullying online, how some teenagers and adult men are bullying almost constantly. Yeah, so I’m wondering how do you turn off that feature on Facebook where everyone comments on all your posts and says you’re bad and they hate you?”

Haugen answered, “Well there’s an option to turn off comments.” Bryant’s Cruz followed, “Okay, excellent. And I’m also concerned about the toxic extremist groups you mentioned. I’ve seen groups with hateful names like ‘Ted Cruz sucks’ or ‘Ted Cruz is the real Zodiac Killer’ or ‘How could Ted Cruz have kids when he a virgin?’ Shouldn’t we flag those as misinformation?”

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After Haugen responded, “Well, ‘Ted Cruz sucks’ isn’t really misinformation, it’s just one person’s opinion,” Cruz shot back, “Well, it’s more than one person’s opinion.”


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