WATCH: Ted Cruz Tells Fox News Obama Is Secretly Running the Country

Barack Obama's presidency was the stuff of nightmares for Conservatives. He was smart, articulate, principled and everything Donald Trump isn't. The only saving grace for Republicans was that Obama could only serve two terms in office. 

Obviously, current President Joe Biden had a connection to Obama's White House as he was the Vice President. That has led to plenty of conspiracy theories about the 44th President actually running things. A theory that Ted Cruz was all too happy to spout during his Sunday morning appearance on Fox News. 

The Texas Senator was speaking with fellow conspiracy theorist Maria Bartiromo. She asked, "The House did H.R. 2, it went nowhere in the Senate. Is that Mitch McConnell? Who's responsible."

"Sadly, it is," Cruz replied. "It's Chuck Schumer and Chuck Schumer is helping drive the train. Listen we know Joe Biden's not driving the train and it's a combination of left-wing Congressional Democrats and I think Barack Obama that are driving the train. And I think that Joebama...Joe Biden is Mr. Magoo just wandering around confused."

It's a strange argument, considering that most of the left adore Barack Obama and would be thrilled to have him involved in American politics in any way. Ted Cruz, of course, has never been known as a master strategist.