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WATCH: Ted Cruz Says “It’s A Shame” Howard Stern Isn’t Enough Of A “Rebel” To Get “Canceled”

WATCH: Ted Cruz Says “It’s A Shame” Howard Stern Isn’t Enough Of A “Rebel” To Get “Canceled”

Howard Stern, unlike Joe Rogan, isn’t getting “canceled” by the left, Ted Cruz claims, because he isn’t enough of a “rebel” — the label that Rogan’s n-slur compilation video has apparently earned him.

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If Rogan gets ‘canceled’ — which seems to be the right-wing term for being criticized for his behavior and having people encourage a platform not to pay him millions to exclusively stream his podcast — over the n-word video, Cruz suggests, others who’ve used the word might deserve the same. These, he says, include Joe Biden, rappers, and Howard Stern.

Rappers, of course, are the favorite scapegoat for any racist trying to defend the slur, and the defense is invariably given without consideration for the history of the slur being used by white supremacists as a tool to subjugate and control.

As for Biden — well, there is a video of him reading a memo into the record in 1985, and it’s true that the version cut to make it seem like “n***** mayor” was Biden’s own words, rather than a record he was using to demonstrate the racism of the elected official who wrote it, looks bad — but again, it’s not Biden’s use, but his documentation.

Howard Stern, though, seems to have particularly upset Cruz, because he’s not being ‘canceled’ and has in fact spoken out in favor of vaccination. Actually, that’s putting it mildly, as the original shock-jock actually said that people who don’t get vaccinated shouldn’t be able to use medical resources when they get sick, but should instead “go home and die.”

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As for his use of the n-slur, People reported on his addressing of that nearly two years ago, when he discussed his use of the word in a 1993 skit. He now says he cringes to see it, that he has grown and changed since then, and wouldn’t do the skit that way now.

He also addressed, in 2020, the very complaint that Cruz is expressing now:

“I went into therapy and said, ‘What is this? Do I always have to be the guy pulling my pants down? Can I find a way to do the show where I can be a lot happier?’ Over the years, I did change the show. A lot of people who did like that humor, where I was completely pulling my pants off and doing it, those people are pissed off at me now.”

If Cruz is truly so upset that Stern isn’t engaging in what he appears to deem ‘rebel’ behavior, apparently including racial slurs and anti-vax propaganda, perhaps the radio host can share with him the number of his therapist.

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