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WATCH: Ted Cruz Promises GOP Won’t Stoop To Personal Attacks On SCOTUS Nominee, Invoking Kavanaugh

WATCH: Ted Cruz Promises GOP Won’t Stoop To Personal Attacks On SCOTUS Nominee, Invoking Kavanaugh

According to Ted Cruz, the real racism isn’t getting upset about a Black woman being nominated to the Supreme Court, it’s the nomination itself. However, he also let something else slip out during his televised rant: an assurance that the GOP is above petty personal attacks.

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In the Fox News clip below, Cruz rants and complains about Biden’s SCOTUS nomination, claiming that it’s racist to announce that a Black woman would be the nominee. (He did not have any complaints when Donald Trump promised his next SCOTUS pick would be female, notably.) Near the end, though, he veers off-topic to suggest that investigation into allegations of sexual assault, during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, is an example of Democrats making “personal” attacks, and that his own party won’t stoop so low.

A sexual assault allegation is arguably pretty relevant to the fitness of an individual to be placed in as powerful a position as SCOTUS Justice, but that aside, it’s

“What I can tell you right now is we’re not going to do what the Democrats did with Brett Kavanaugh. We’re not going to go into the gutter, we’re not going to engage in personal slime and attacks, we’re gonna focus on the nominee’s record…”

Does Cruz know he’s speaking on behalf of the same party whose presidential nominee of choice described a woman as having “blood coming out of her wherever,” as the Daily Beast reported at the time? He’s speaking for the party whose Congresswoman spouted antisemitic nonsense about ‘space lasers.’

Oh, and Cruz himself? He just tweeted Saturday to suggest that Hillary Clinton was somehow implicated in the death of one of Jeffrey Epstein’s associates, who was in prison awaiting a trial on sex trafficking charges.

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Is Cruz really sure he can promise that Republicans won’t be engaging in petty personal attacks?

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