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WATCH: Ted Cruz Explains That “Stolen Election” Just Means People Showed Up & Voted

WATCH: Ted Cruz Explains That “Stolen Election” Just Means People Showed Up & Voted

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) just defined a ‘stolen’ election, and how he described it is very telling, after his party has claimed for well over a year that it’s what happened to Donald Trump in 2020. Of course, Cruz was placing the blame for false claims of election fraud elsewhere.

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Cruz appeared on Fox News to talk about elections, and, apparently, to present a live demonstration of exactly what projection looks like. Still, what he said certainly sounds like something within his party’s expertise, especially in the past few years.

What is “stealing an election,” then? According to Cruz, it’s when “people show[] up to vote.”

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“They know they’re gonna lose. And Nancy Pelosi’s not gonna go quietly. She’s gonna scream, she’s already preparing to scream that the election was stolen. And by the way, what she means by stolen is people showed up to vote against Democrats. That’s what stealing the election is. Remember, Democrats don’t believe in Democracy.”

The leader of Cruz’s party, meanwhile, has just yanked his endorsement of a candidate for not pushing the ‘stolen election’ lies hard enough, and his efforts, along with allies, to overturn the 2020 Presidential election are still under investigation.

Wait, what’s the definition of a ‘stolen election’ again, Senator Cruz? Can you repeat it one time for the ex-president, please? Oh yeah — according to Ted Cruz, it’s when someone feels like they should win, but the voters turn out in masses to vote against them.

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