[WATCH] Ted Cruz Compares the Biden Administration to Nazis Over Vaccines

Republicans really need to stop comparing vaccinations to the Holocaust.

First, Marjorie Taylor Greene tried it. Then, Lauren Boebert. Now Ted Cruz has picked up the anti-Semitism ball and is running with it. Cruz compared President Joe Biden’s administration to Nazi “stormtroopers” because of efforts to curb dangerous misinformation about COVID-19 that is being spread on social media. When in reality, it’s Cruz and his fellow seditious traitors who are attempting to take away freedoms from anyone not white and Christian.

Rioters credit Ted Cruz with their attack
[Photo by Sergio Flores/Getty Images]
The projection language along with the selective memory isn’t just hate speech, it’s deadly. President Biden is trying to curb the spread of both the Delta variant and social media misinformation about it, a dual losing battle when the entire GOP is deeply invested in their revisionist history. Apparently, they’re all trying really hard to pretend Dear Leader didn’t secretly get vaccinated in January (like they’re pretending they’re all unvaccinated) while he also didn’t tell everyone at CPAC in February to “go get their shot”.

Trump also said everyone should get vaccinated to his newest favorite TV lackey, Maria Bartiromo.

But even Bartiromo herself seemed to forget all about that when she interviewed Cruz and let him whine about Joe Biden because that’s all he can do. The Money Dummy asked Cruz about reports that the Biden administration had worked with companies like Facebook to flag suspected falsehoods that could endanger the public.

“Let me give you an example,” Cruz told Bartiromo. “Imagine if the Biden administration went to, say, a private paramilitary organization and said we’re going to ask you to knock down people’s doors and take their guns.”

Yes, Cruz went the MAGA False Equivalence Route. If you’re familiar with that tactic, you know what’s coming next. If not, gird your loins.

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