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WATCH: Ted Cruz Claims Murders Would Increase If Guns Were Eliminated

WATCH: Ted Cruz Claims Murders Would Increase If Guns Were Eliminated

Gun control does not inherently mean the elimination of all guns, or even all guns in civilian hands. It includes measures as simple as background checks, waiting periods, and age requirements. However, leave it to a right-wing extremist to engage in hyperbole, and focus on the unrealistic notion of eliminating all firearms — an imaginary notion that surely gets Ted Cruz’s fan base excited and upset.

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What would happen, in that extreme? Obviously, there would still be murders — according to Statista, there were nearly two thousand murders using what are defined as “personal weapons,” including fists and feet, nearly 400 murders using a blunt object, and 16 by poison, in the United States in 2020. However, in that same year, there were over eight thousand murders by handgun, more than 400 with rifles, and nearly five thousand more with ‘other guns’ or with a firearm whose type wasn’t specified in the report.

No other category compares.

It’s impossible to know how many murders may have been prevented because the intended victim had a means of self-defense, perhaps including a firearm of their own, since murders that don’t happen aren’t typically reported, but it could be argued that this number is non-zero. However, Ted Cruz isn’t settling for that — he’s arguing, instead, that the number of homicides by other means, would rise so dramatically in the absence of firearms, that it would more than make up for the 13k+ that would no longer be committed using firearms.

“Taking away every firearm that Michael Knowles owns, would not have stopped this psychopath from murdering children in Uvalde. And by the way, we see that, in Chicago, and New York, and D.C., and California, where they have very strict gun control, and the criminals still have guns and still carry out murders. If you could wave a magic wand and eliminate all firearms in America, there would be substantially more murders than there are today.”

Of course, most supporters of gun control aren’t advocating for “taking away every firearm,” and the dog-whistle about Chicago and other areas is noted, but ultimately, Cruz seems to think that there would actually be as many as thirteen thousand more murders by strangulation, poison, blunt objects, and other means, if killers didn’t have access to guns.

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