WATCH: Sycophantic Senator Gloats About Being Worse Than Trump

During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Tuesday show, Lindsey Graham gleefully talked about losing to Donald Trump in golf.

Lindsey Graham is to blame for Donald Trump
Photo by Carolyn Kaster-Pool/Getty Images

What more can be said about the way Lindsey Graham talks about Trump. The South Carolina senator went from being one of his fiercest opponent to being his number on lap dog.

Graham told Hannity about what it’s like playing golf with the former President. Hannity asked, “Why do I think Donald Trump crushes you on the golf course?” Graham answered, “‘Cause he does. ‘Cause he’s better than I am. He’s gonna kick me around, but for a donation, you can see it.”

The senator is offering supporters to opportunity to play golf with both him and Trump. Graham is raising funds to “take back the senate.” He is, however, not up for reelection for another six years. The senator told Hannity:

“I wanna stop all this garbage. How do you stop it? You take back the House, you take back the Senate. So I’m doing a golf tournament with President Trump this Sunday, May the 2nd. And my campaign is going to auction a slot off to play in this tournament. You have lunch, you have breakfast with President Trump, you get a photo, you play at his golf course in Florida. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Go online, lindseygraham.com, make a donation, whatever you can afford, put your name in the hat. We’re gonna pick a winner soon and you get an all expense paid trip to Florida to play golf with President Trump and Lindsey Graham and we’re gonna have a hell of a time.”


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