(Watch) Swalwell: Michael Cohen’s Info Had Us on the Edge of Our Seats

Michael Cohen’s televised testimony revealed shocking details about his days as Donald Trump’s lawyers. Following the hearing, Cohen’s lawyer, hinted that Cohen had given lawmakers even juicier information behind closed doors.

(Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

During an appearance on Rachel Maddow last night, Congressman, Eric Swalwell (D-CA), confirmed Davis’ statements. According to Swalwell, information Cohen gave the House Intelligence Committee was game changing.

The Congressman said of Davis:

“He’s not spinning and we truly were at the edge of our seats listening as Mr. Cohen told us information that he certainly did not tell us in October 2017 when we interviewed him and he certainly did not testify to during the open hearing…but we did take a deeper dive into what Mr. Cohen knows and we expect him to come back on Wednesday with corroborating documents to see if it’s true.”

Cohen had also spoken to the House Intelligence Committee in 2017. The Congressman noted a major change in Cohen’s demeanor:

“I’ve found him to be a liberated man. I watched him for about ten hours in October 2017 and he seemed like someone who had an interest in protecting someone else…he wasn’t straight with us…Here he was very careful in his testimony…He’s put his hand on the hot stove and he learned not to do that again…He does care not to spend the next ten years or the rest of his life in prison.”

Cohen was the first high-ranking member of the Trump Organization to testify. Allen Weisselberg, the company’s CFO, is rumored to be next. Cohen identified Weisselberg as being involved in a number of his practices.

See the Congressman’s interview here:

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