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WATCH: Susan Rice Rips Into Tucker Carlson’s Claims About White Supremacists

WATCH: Susan Rice Rips Into Tucker Carlson’s Claims About White Supremacists

During his show on Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson addressed the topic of white supremacist violence in the country. According to the Fox News host, white supremacy is not a problem and “the whole thing is a lie.”

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Susan Rice, a former National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer Wednesday afternoon. When asked about Tucker Carlson’s comments, Rice blasted the Fox host and called his comments “completely ahistorical.”

Referring to the Carlson comments, Blitzer said to the former adviser, “there are people out there that believe these lies”

Rice responded:

“Well, Wolf, let’s talk about the lies. Let’s not talk about Tucker Carlson. The mentality that thinks that we had no problem in this country with white nationalism and white supremacy is completely ahistorical and missing the moment that we are living in. And we see it manifest with extraordinary frequency.” 

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The former adviser continued, “Just look at what the killer in El Paso wrote. And look at what the killer in Pittsburgh wrote. One attacked Jews, the other attacked immigrant communities. This kind of hate is very real, and it has got very long and deep historical roots in this country. We deny it at our peril.”

Rice closed her comments by saying, “And I think Americans are much more witting of what is going on. They dismiss [those] blinders that we see from commentators who think that this is not a threat. All they have to do, sadly, is turn on their television sets and see that this is a very real, and, in fact, growing problem.”


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