[WATCH] Surgeon General Pleads: ‘We Are Not Trying To Take Away Your Freedoms’

General Jerome Adams who serves as the Surgeon General made an appearance on Fox News on Monday where he pleaded with viewers to wear masks during the coronavirus pandemic. Adams admitted that he was mistaken when he went against wearing masks in the early days of the virus and stressed the important role masks play in slowing the spread of the disease. Jerome voiced his pleas with the hosts of Fox & Friends, saying, “I’m pleading with your viewers. I’m begging you. Please understand that we are not trying to take away your freedoms when we say, ‘Wear a face covering.’”

Back in the early days of the crisis, Adams believed that wearing a face-covering did little to protect against the novel virus and that it might increase the spread instead of decreasing it. Adams admitted to being wrong saying, “We were wrong back in February and March based on the fact that we didn’t think there would be this high a degree of asymptomatic spread of coronavirus.” He added, “once we realized that the science was different for this virus, we changed our recommendations.  He added, “moving forward, I want people to understand we’re all on the same page.”

Adams’ previous negativity towards face-coverings has been one of President Trump’s reasons for not lauding the safety measure, despite the majority of health officials agreeing that masks are important in fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Trump has avoided wearing a mask, himself, until earlier in July which he stated that there was a time and place for wearing one. Trump stated in an earlier interview, “Dr. Fauci said, ‘Don’t wear a mask.’ Our surgeon general, terrific guy, said, ‘Don’t wear a mask.’ Everybody who was saying, ‘Don’t wear a mask,’ all of a sudden, everybody’s got to wear a mask.

According to Dr. Fauci, The White House hesitated to adopt masks as a safety measure out of fear of running out of PPE.

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