WATCH: Strategist Axelrod Lays Out Biden's Biggest Problem From ABC Interview

During a weekend spot on CNN, Democratic strategist David Axelrod opined that Joe Biden isn't comprehending the fact that voters have questions about his age. 

Joe Biden's reelection campaign took a massive hit after his poor debate performance last Thursday. The President has attempted to control the damage all week with the main event being an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos on Friday night. 

David Axelrod appeared with Jim Sciutto to discuss the interview on Saturday. And according to the strategist, Biden still isn't seeing his main issue. 

Sciutto asked his guest if he saw anything during the interview that would change his mind about the looming election. Axelrod responded, "You know, he, Jim, I think the thing – and some of it I found sad, but he, he seems not to be able to compute the fact that people have these questions about him."

The strategist continued, "So, I mean, they’ve – And so this is a real problem for him. And it’s something that shows up in every poll. And in terms of where he stands in the race – you know, there, no politician out there will tell, has the same perception that the president does that this is a tied race, and he’s right in the hunt right now."

Axelrod closed:

"He was ten points ahead four years ago. He’s six points behind now. Worse in most of the battleground states. And now, in danger of losing states that weren’t thought to be in contention. So what you see, Jim, you saw it in Wisconsin today, Tammy Baldwin, the senator from Wisconsin, wasn’t at this event. Why? Because she’s up for reelection. And it’s not helpful, helpful to her to be seen with the president."