WATCH: Stormy Daniels Says She’s In Contact With Investigators In Trump Case

Stormy Daniels says that she has not been questioned by investigators about payments made to her on behalf of Donald Trump that violated campaign finance laws. However, she has “had meetings with them about other issues.”

Stormy Daniels lawyer says Trump is on tape talking about the case.
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Daniels didn’t elaborate on exactly what investigations she’s been questioned for, but said that her attorney has made sure that investigators know she’d be happy to cooperate in an investigation into Trump’s role in the campaign finance crime as well. She expressed dismay at a system that would punish Michael Cohen (who made the hush money payments with the expectation that Donald Trump would reimburse him) with criminal charges, but refuse to even investigate the then-candidate who prompted the payments.

Daniels and Cohen have spoken and hammered out their differences since his release from prison. Daniels appeared on Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcast earlier this year to discuss Trump, the hush money payments, and the encounter that prompted them.

Cohen has said that he believes an investigation would be warranted, since he’s the one who paid the price (both in the literal and figurative sense) for covering up Trump’s extramarital activity, and he and Daniels have both made it clear they’re readily available if investigators want to discuss anything.

Cohen says he has talked to investigators in the Manhattan DA’s office multiple times with regard to their investigation into the ex-president’s other alleged financial crimes, and he says he can see indictments hitting in the near future. However, at this time, there’s no sign of any investigation or charges for the payments to Daniels.

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