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WATCH: Steven Crowder Thinks Drag Queens Are Just Like Hitler

WATCH: Steven Crowder Thinks Drag Queens Are Just Like Hitler

The far-right can’t seem to decide whether they worship Adolf Hitler for hating many of the same people they hate, and for seizing government power to carry out genocide and torture, or if they actually think he’s just like the people they hate. Steven Crowder, for example, seems to take both positions in a recent podcast episode.

[Screenshot via Steven Crowder/YouTube]

Crowder and his co-hosts, Gerald Morgan and Dave Landau, were using their platform to discuss their feelings about drag queens. In particular, they’re unhappy about events in which drag queens read to children, actively engage with children, or in which children can even simply witness that they exist.

In the short exchange below, via Media Matters for America researcher Jason Campbell (full transcript here), you can catch Crowder suggesting that if Allied forces had known, in 1944, that in 2022 drag queens would interact with children, they’d have changed their minds and “turned the boat around.”

Despite that, he and co-hosts assure listeners they’re not defending Hitler — but Morgan does suggest that “this kind of culture” is the reason the Holocaust happened — “Well, Hitler was, in part, a response to this kind of culture developing in Germany.”

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Still, they’re quickly able to do a u-turn and claim that Hitler would have “jump[ed] on board,” because “he’s an awful human being.”

Yes, Crowder agrees, Hitler would have been “a self-loathing drag dancer with children.”

As the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust documents, Nazis were no friend to what would become the LGBTQ community. In fact, alongside millions of Jewish people and other victims, an estimated 10-15k men were sent to concentration camps for being gay or presumed gay, where they faced tortures including castration and medical experimentation. Many thousands more were sent to prisons, instead of concentration camps, where they also faced abuse and torture.

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