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WATCH: Steven Crowder Excuses Wanting All-White Neighborhoods, Because Latinos Watch Telemundo

WATCH: Steven Crowder Excuses Wanting All-White Neighborhoods, Because Latinos Watch Telemundo

A mass shooting has placed the notion of ‘replacement theory’ in the center of public discourse, and right-wing ideologues are scrambling to find ways to address the fact that they’re the ones who’ve been promoting this ideology. While some insist they never supported it (despite video evidence), others are finding ways to continue endorsing the racist ideal.

[Screenshot via Steven Crowder/YouTube]

Steven Crowder, a popular conservative podcaster, chose to walk this path. He claims that Democrats are making members of minority groups into indentured servants by moving them into white neighborhoods and expecting votes in return. He argues that Black people choose to live in majority-Black neighborhoods, and Latinos watch Telemundo, therefore white people shouldn’t be criticized for wanting to maintain a neighborhood that looks like it did two generations ago.

Here’s the clip, via Media Matters For America researcher Jason Campbell.

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“I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with white Americans wanting their neighborhood to look similar to how it looked with their dad and their grandparents. People tend to be comfortable around people they were raised with. Have you been to Mexican neighborhoods? Largely Black neighborhoods? This is something, this is a natural process that takes place…I don’t blame Black people for wanting Black Entertainment Television. I don’t blame Latino people for watching Telemundo! I understand that we have different tastes because we have different cultures…Unfortunately, it’s about buying votes for the Democratic Party…they said, let’s bring in a bunch of people who are basically indentured servants from these countries, so they’ll be grateful to us and they’ll vote for us.”

Oof. Someone should tell Crowder you never go full replacement theory — it’s racist and nasty.

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