WATCH: Steve Schmidt Says Trump is Confederacy’s Second President

Steve Schmidt is very familiar with GOP politicians and the things that make them tick. The long-time political operative worked on the campaigns of George W. Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger and John McCain.

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

The now Independent pundit has seen first-hand the effect Donald Trump has had on the members of his former party. On Wednesday, when talking about the way Trump has transformed the GOP, called him the 2nd President of the Confederacy.

Schmidt made the comments while speaking to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace. He said of Republican lawmaker’s refusal to answer questions about Trump, “I called that walk the geriatric shuffle. Watching all these Republican senators shuffle by with their hands in their pockets, nothing to say about the administration’s ordering violence against peaceful protestors. Not a word to be said about legendary marine corps general former Secretary of Defense saying that Donald Trump is a danger to the Constitution.”

The pundit continued, “We see Donald Trump’s embrace of the Confederacy yet again today. He’s hoisting the Confederate flag, The Confederate battle flag as his campaign banner in a fundamental way.”

Schmidt concluded:

“What we see with Trump is he’s really historically — he’s the second president of the confederacy. This is exactly what the George Wallace presidency would have looked like. It would have been one of incitement and division. One of the great tragedies for the Republican Party, which is founded in 1854, it was the party of the north and the west that has now become so deeply rooted in the old Confederacy in the South, where the scandals of the fallen South have now become the symbols of the Republican Party.”


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