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WATCH: Steve Cortes Talks to Chris Cuomo About Trump’s Latino Claims

WATCH: Steve Cortes Talks to Chris Cuomo About Trump’s Latino Claims

Steve Cortes had worked on Donald Trump’s election team and now works as a Trump surrogate on a number of news channels. During a recent rally in New Mexico, Trump complained that he hadn’t seen the pundit on the news in a while. The President also told rally goers that Cortes, “looks more like a wasp that I do.”

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo had Cortes on his show last night to discuss that call out and Trump’s relationship with Latinos. During a testy spot, the Conservative pundit claimed that the President does not say bigoted things.

Cuomo referenced the rally where Trump said, “We got a lot of Hispanics. We love our hispanics. Get out and vote.”

The host asked Cortes, who is working on Trump’s 2020 election team, “How can he love Latinos when she’s shown such animosity?”

Cortes countered that the President speaks to Hispanics in the right way. “[Latino’s don’t need], a man who speaks in an incredibly measured and lawyerly way, someone who will never offend them… what matters is the deliverables.”

And aghast Cuomo responded, “When you are a member of a group that has been denigrated time and time and time again, this man who described the caravans coming here as being mostly murderers and rapists and ‘some I assume are good people’ and all this stuff about the s-hole countries and what he said about Puerto Rico… You can’t forget that stuff when you’re in that community.”

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The Trump surrogate told the host that Trump has done a good job with Latino’s, “compared to expectations.”


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