WATCH: Steve Bannon Turns on MTG and Jim Jordan, Wants Them to Be Primaried

Steve Bannon has played an important role in Conservative politics over the last decade. His biggest accomplishment was helping Donald Trump shockingly win the Presidency in 2016. Since then he has acted as a podcast host, regularly platforming the most extreme Republican politicians in the country. 

At times it seems like Bannon wants what is best for the GOP. But most of the time, the Conservative firebrand just wants the country to descend into chaos. 

Kevin McCarthy and Joe Biden recently came to an agreement on the debt ceiling. Bannon was pushing lawmakers to refuse to compromise and let the economy fall into turmoil. He's now on the attack against any Republican who voted to pass the bill. 

The pundit, referencing Marjorie Taylor Greene raged, "Let me repeat that. All of them, including people we’re quite fond of and some who we used to be fond of, have to be primaried."

Bannon continued, "You know why? They have to stand on a debate stage in the primary season and they have to justify what they did with the knowledge they had, at the time what went on and then what the impact is, because the impact on primary season is going to be a lot worse than it is today."

Greene seems to be done with Bannon as well. She reportedly texted Matt Gaetz last week, "Steve and I aren’t getting back together and if he keeps it up I’ll take the house and kids. I hope you send it to Steve. Because I’m done."