WATCH: Steve Bannon Says People Boycotting Georgia Runoff are “Very, Very, Very, Smart”

Many Republican voters are very angry about Donald Trump losing the 2020 election. The president has certainly taken advantage of this anger. Since losing the election in early November, Trump has raised over $200 million. Of course, the vast majority of these dollars are being used to pay off campaign debt rather than fighting the election results.

Photo by Stefano Montesi – Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

And that anger at Trump’s loss had led some Republicans to urge Georgians to boycott the upcoming special election. If enough GOP voters sit out this election, senate control will be handed over the Democrats. Multiple Conservatives are rightly calling this strategy insane. Not former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon, though. In fact, Bannon says that those calling for a Georgia boycott are “very, very, very, smart.”

On Thursday night, Laura Ingraham ripped into those promoting the Georgia boycott. The Fox News host argued anyone taking that strategy deserves to lose.

On his podcast, Bannon began, “No, Laura, they’re not that stupid. What they want is focus on the here and now. We must sort out exactly what happened on November 3rd and the days after. We’re about one month after the alleged crimes happen.”

The Right Wing provocateur continued:

“And Laura Ingraham, this is called a sine qua non — this, before that. OK? This is essential. No, they’re not stupid. In fact, they’re very, very, very smart and Laura Ingraham, and I love you, you’ve been part of this movement for a long time. These people are fighters and they’re just not gonna look away and say ‘Oh we’ll take care of the future.’ No, the future is now.”

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