WATCH: Steve Bannon Has A Meltdown Over GOP's Election Failures

Republicans very much expected to have a good mid-term season in 2022. That didn't happen. In 2023, they hoped to show their voters that they could win races when Trump wasn't on the ballot. Instead, last night was a total failure for the party. 

Steve Bannon is an important part of the GOP's decline. He was one of the key architects of Trump's shocking 2016 win. And during his show on Wednesday morning, the Conservative figure had a meltdown over last night's results. 

He raged, "The reality here, Trump delivers MAGA; MAGA delivers victories This was a turnout issue about MAGA, and the reason is the [Ron DeSantis adviser] Jeff Roes of the world and the billionaire donors, the billionaire donors with the hapless, feckless RNC failed to get our people out."

Of course, the opposite of this is true. The last time Trump was on the ballot, the Republicans lost the White House and the Senate. Still, Bannon can't act like his former boss is a drag on the party. 

The War Room host continued, "Stand up and fight on the redistricting. Don't I want to hear the sob stories out of Virginia this morning. Don't come here this morning and start whining about abortion. Stand up and do your job. Get in the trenches and fight. You a bunch of feckless hapless, and this super PACs and Jeff Roe delivers another crushing defeat, skimming 20%."