WATCH: Stephen Miller Says He’s Fighting Transgender Ideology Because it “Threatens Democratic Society”

Most of the people who worked in the Trump administration have gone on to other things. But Stephen Miller, perhaps the most hated of Trump advisers, has stayed around.

Stephen Miller continues charade about Trump election
[Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]
In addition to aiding Trump, Miller also appears on Conservative media to push extreme right-wing views. He recently joined the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody to talk about LGBTQ rights. Miller told the host he is fighting against transgender ideology because it “threatens democracy.”

Miller told the host:

“They will be forcing religious Americans, religious believers, people of faith, to violate their deeply held beliefs, their own private conscience rights and to adopt a transgender viewpoint,” Miller claims. “This is really an issue about science, it is about religion, but also about science because the undisputed biological definition of sex, really, is being turned upside down because of a radical agenda that really now is beginning in our elementary schools teaching young people, that there are no boys and girls, men and women, but in fact, people are whatever they want to be, which has profound implications for medicine for culture, for religion, and for truth itself.”

The rant continued, “My personal view is that this is a failed ideology that is destined to topple in on itself. For this agenda to succeed for the transgender ideology to succeed, they need people to be scared and quiet and not to speak the plain truth. Because once people say I’m not going to bow down to something I know is untrue. I’m not going to be afraid I am going to speak my mind respectfully tastefully, honestly, it’s not going to hold it will crumble the edifice will collapse.”

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