Fox News Features Trump’s White Nationalist Advisor Scapegoating Immigrants for His COVID Failures

Last night on Fox News, Stephen Miller told Sean Hannity that the migrants at the border are causing the greatest epidemiological disaster in the country’s history.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

A number of Donald Trump’s old staffers have gone on to different jobs. Stephen Miller, though, has stayed right by his side. And Miller has continued to push Trump’s message no matter how pathetic that message might be.

During a Monday night appearance on Sean Hannity’s show, Miller continued to amp up his rhetoric about the “crisis” at the Southern border. The controversial adviser said to the host:

“What’s happening on the border right now, Sean, is the single greatest epidemiological disaster in this country. You have ten emergency shelters that are open right now. Children are packed together, not even remotely socially distant. And of course, they are not vaccinated. Of course, they are not masked. You have people showing up en masse, in large groups, that are getting each other’s sick, that are getting community sick, that are getting border agents sick? This is a public health catastrophe.”

The migrants crossing the United States border during the Donald Trump presidency were treated horribly. Children were cruelly separated from their parents and some of these families have yet to be reunited. The architect of his horrific policy was Miller. So the idea that he would appear on Fox News and act sympathetic towards to asylum seekers is disgraceful.


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