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[WATCH] Stephen Miller Praises Feds In Portland, Says Dems Want To Secede

[WATCH] Stephen Miller Praises Feds In Portland, Says Dems Want To Secede

A Senior Advisor for President Trump, Stephen Miller, leveled accusations of secession against the mayor of Portland, Oregon, and other Democratic cities during an appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight on Thursday. Miller lauded that actions of federal officers as they continue to collide with anti-racist protesters and said should be “celebrated as heroes.”

Carlson joined in on the criticism by accusing Ted Wheeler, Mayor of Portland, of inciting violence during the protests despite not showing any evidence of Wheeler’s guilt. Wheeler was himself a victim of a teargas attack by federal agents during a protest on Wednesday. Carlson said Wheeler, “has been encouraging violence now for months.” He also said Wheeler arrived “up at a riot that he helped create with five armed bodyguards” who were paid for with tax dollars.

Carlson added, “Is there anything the federal government can do to strip the taxpayer-funded armed bodyguards from people like Ted Wheeler? People in Portland must live with this violence. Ted Wheeler protects himself at their expense…. It’s too outrageous.” Miller avoided Carlson’s question only to accuse the Democratic party of wanting to separate from the rest of the nation. He said, “The Democratic Party for a long time historically has been the party of secession. What you’re seeing today is the Democratic Party returning to its roots.”

Miller continued, “These are mayors and governors that are saying, ‘Federal law, the U.S. Constitution does not apply within the confines of our city, and our citizens will be held at the mercy of the mob. And the administration of justice, the federal courthouse will be allowed to fall under siege.'” He added, “You have 100 brave DHS officers standing up against that lawless mob. They should be celebrated. They should be celebrated as heroes. A number of them have been injured.”

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Many point out that the line about Democrats seceding from the union is a bit revisionist as the Democrats turned away from racist ideologies during the 1960s while Republicans embraced more conservative ideologies. This has been pointed out by many and is taught in high school history class but Republicans often using it as a selling point.

It remains to be seen what results from the stand-off in Portland. Read the full report here.

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