WATCH: Stephen Miller Has a Fox News Meltdown Over Biden’s Executive Orders

Donald Trump had a number of unpopular ideas after taking office. The ideas were so unpopular, in fact, that there was little chance of them passing through the senate. So Trump passed a number of bills through executive order.

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

When Joe Biden took office, he focused on undoing the legislation enacted by Donald Trump. And to do it quickly, Biden overturned the bills through executive order. This is very upsetting to Stephen Miller. The former Trump aide went on Fox News Sunday afternoon to complain.

Miller whined to Maria Bartiromo, “Again and again and again, we’ve seen executive actions that aren’t just bad policy, but aren’t lawful. The fundamental question is this. What the point of having a Congress, a House, a Senate, committees going through detailed deliberations to pass federal laws where you debate every sentence, every comma, every paragraph if a president can come in an just wipe it all away and decide for himself what the law is?”

The controversial adviser continued:

“Once a law is passed, once a law is enacted, a future president can’t come in and delete whole or entire — whole portions or very large portions or any portion of that law! If that was the case then what is the point? What is the point of spending years debating, deliberating, discussing, trading, reconciling — everything that goes into the legislative process?”


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