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[WATCH] Stephen Colbert Owns GOP ‘Concerned By Violence On TV’ By Pointing Out Guns In Their Ads

[WATCH] Stephen Colbert Owns GOP ‘Concerned By Violence On TV’ By Pointing Out Guns In Their Ads

Stephen Colbert is ready for our elected officials to take ANY action on guns.

Colbert smacked down everyone in Congress for taking a scheduled two-week recess instead holding a vote to enact stricter gun legislation, but mostly Republicans. Just putting Ted Cruz’s image on the screen elicited boos from his audience, because Cruz has decided it’s better to have “hardened doors” instead.

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When gun tragedies happen, the GOP loves to point anywhere but at themselves and the gun lobby, which is one and the same. He also hosted New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, to talk about how her country addressed gun reform. No, you can’t make me understand why we can’t do this here. Yes, I know it’s BECAUSE MAGAMURICA GUN MONEY or whatever, but if you care more about owning an assault weapon than you do about children living to reach adulthood, both Stephen and I have plenty to say to that.

Even when Congress returns from its recess and the gun debate is once again picked up, Senate and House Republicans will still do a “but muh freedoms” because June 15th is two whole weeks away, and that means there will be plenty more gun violence in America between now and then.

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Those of us not brought up in a cult that worships death won’t ever understand anyone’s need to own a weapon of war. Guns provide the most false sense of security which too many people take as the real thing. If you don’t feel safe in your own home, get one of those Ring doorbells that’s connected to the police. Nobody dies if an alarm goes off by mistake.

Anyway, here’s Stephen Colbert doing what he does best, which is reaming the absolute worst people. And yes, I mean you, Ted Cruz.

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