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WATCH: Stephen Colbert Mocks “Pillsbury Proud Boy” Lindsey Graham

WATCH: Stephen Colbert Mocks “Pillsbury Proud Boy” Lindsey Graham

Over the course of the week, Democrats have built a strong impeachment case against Donald Trump. A number of Republican lawmakers have said that the evidence in compelling and they are keeping an open mind.

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Of course, there are a number of GOP senators who aren’t listening at all. At the top of that list is South Carolina’s, Lindsey Graham.

Graham has made the rounds on cable news defending the 45th president. His latest gambit is blaming the insurrection on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. This led to a savage rebuke from Stephen Colbert, who referred to Graham as “the Pillsbury Proud Boy.”

The CBS host began by saying, “Senate Republicans are doing exactly what they did on January 6th — running away from what they helped create! Take South Carolina Senator and Pillsbury Proud Boy, Lindsey Graham.”

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Colbert then played a clip where Graham described the proceedings as offensive and absurd. Mocking the senator, the host continued, “That material was offensive and absurd. I heard swears. I saw the Q Shaman’s nipples. A gentleman would put on a pair of slacks and a polo shirt before pooping in the rotunda.”

Watch a clip of Colbert’s comments below, courtesy of the CBS network:

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