WATCH: Stephen Colbert Destroyed Tucker Carlson During Tuesday Night's Monologue

Tucker Carlson, once one of the more powerful personalities on cable news, has been searching for a home since his ousting from Fox News. A tight non-compete has made it so he couldn't join another network and his attempt at a Twitter show failed. 

So now Carlson is going to a subscription service. Fans of the former late-night host are expected to pay to listen to his thoughts on a variety of topics. Late night host Stephen Colbert doesn't think that the offer is all that enticing. 

Colbert told his audience on Tuesday night: 

"You may remember that Tucker Carlson was fired from Fox News for somehow being too racist. So he started a show over on Twitter, but now he's got an even worse idea. Because yesterday he announced his own streaming service called Tucker Carlson network for $9 a month. Now that seems step, but there is a free version. For $0 a month, you can never watch Tucker Carlson again."

The host also mocked Donald Trump during his monologue, saying, "Trump better hope he has immunity, because it sounds like Smith has a whole lot of evidence (like the data from the former President's phone). Can you imagine being the witness who has to go through all of the data on Donald Trump’s phone?"

You can watch a clip of the segment below: